Using SQL within FileMaker

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By Matt Petrowsky

FileMaker is a very powerful desktop database. It can make you feel downright giddy each time you figure out a complex problem and make it a "click-a-button easy" solution for your users. However, when it comes to SQL integration, FileMaker has always had to play catch up to many other popular tools. SQL has always seemed like the playground for the big boys when it comes to using FileMaker. In fact, I often suggest that a FileMaker-only developer either become more educated about SQL tools or seek the advice of another, more knowledgeable, developer when evaluating a project's SQL related requirements.

On the other side of that coin, there are times where FileMaker's SQL support is just perfect for what needs to happen. In those cases it's simply a matter of "making the connection". That's exactly what this video is all about. How you make the connection from a FileMaker database to a SQL database. I walk through the process of connecting a FileMaker database to a MySQL database used for a popular blogging package named WordPress. If you've ever wanted the information about how to use SQL within FileMaker then this video is a great starting point!


ODBC Data Source On Windows

Thanks for the great video!

For anyone having problems with accessing a data source on Windows:
I experienced the same ODBC connection errors within FileMaker as was experienced in the video. I found that after selecting (rather than typing) the database name in the MySQL ODBC driver configuration page that the problem resolved itself.