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Hyperlinking Records

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This creative use of a web viewer shows you how to convert formatted text into actual hyperlinks which can link to records or do pretty much anything you want when calling a script via fmp:// url.

Many times, a seemingly simple problem isn't as simple to solve. You have to step back and think about the dynamics affecting the situation. In this video, I showcase a solution to a recurring import where a significant percentage of the records being imported are the same, yet some records need to be identified as deleted and others are added as new. The problem was dealing with a revolving inventory import. The solution, which is a bit complex, was the correct way to solve this particular problem. I guarantee you'll have a lot to learn from this particular video and file!

Since FileMaker Pro has integrated Web Viewers and with the addition of FileMaker's fmp:// url, we've long been able to integrate images with irregularly shaped areas offering any number of polygonal objects which are user clickable. If you deal with any kind of map, seating chart, irregular shaped real-world object which requires specific defined areas, then look no further than HTML Image Maps. No Flash required here.

If you've ever added container fields to your database for the purpose of showing graphics within your user interface, then this video and technique file will provide the insight and know-how to integrate a much more flexible system of showing graphics within your user interface.

This video provides the code and the know-how in order to integrate HTML Email sending within your FileMaker solution. True, you'll inevitably need a plug-in to make it happen, but with the new Perform Script on Server step, you can have the server send the email for you. No need to mess with client side configurations. Just create the script, put the plug-in on server and send your HTML straight from FileMaker!

Simply creating a single FileMaker file to store your data is a perfectly fine way to start your solution. However, the first few times any number of users start complaining about the workflow taking too long, is when you may need to evaluate your architecture.

For sure, FileMaker Pro is a very capable platform. Like any thing else in the world of tech, there are less efficient implementations and highly optimized solutions. A knowledgable developer will known how to squeeze every bit of performance out of the environment they've chosen to develop within. The same holds true for FileMaker as for any other programming language.

This video provides an example technique file and the information necessary for taking advantage of FileMaker 13's new Sliders controls. There are so many things you can do with Sliders beyond using them as intended. How about an endless picture slider?

Having access to one of the more recent and most prevalent UI patterns within FileMaker is extremely empowering. Using Popovers and portals, it's now possible to create solution wide menu systems which can be used for navigation, actions or whatever you see fit. When you combine global variables, with the Virtual List technique and popovers, you can significantly decrease the amount of time it would normally take to maintain even a moderately complex menu system within a FileMaker solution.

FileMaker 13 introduced a number of new features. While the feature list seemed a bit short, at least to the feature greedy developer, the new mobile specific features of Gesture taps, Popovers and Sliders will provide a wide variety of new functionality for months to come. This video provides a number of tips and techniques for emulating popular mobile UI patterns within FileMaker Pro.

Crafting a complex security setup within FileMaker can be a bit daunting. Possibly, because of how you interact with and establish security within FileMaker. Despite what may seem obvious, it isn't just about what FileMaker's default security provides, but how you integrate the controls which you have access too. When solution security setup and testing is the after thought, there's a lot of potential for accidental holes in the security model. However, if you take the upfront steps of setting things up from the beginning, the whole problem is a much easier nut to crack.

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