Super Audit Logging

By Matt Petrowsky

by Matt Petrowsky
31 minutes

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If you need to track changes made in your FileMaker fields, then this video and file has what you need.
Every so often there's a technique you come across which exposes a key FileMaker concept. Ray Cologon's Super Log technique is a great starting point for a very robust audit logging system. I've enhanced Ray's original technique and taken it to the next level.
Given the new features in FileMaker 7 and higher, there's really no reason you shouldn't take the few minutes it takes to implement and maintain full tracking of all field changes.
If you need to go few steps further than what the technique provides, then watching this video will get you on your way!

Details: Released - 5/16/2007 / Size - 24.05 MB / Length - 31 min


Technique doesn't seem to work if a script is running

Matt Great Technique

I had it all working in a solution of mine. Then I clicked on a button to create a new contact. The last step in all my scripts is this routine I use to lock the file so that users must uses buttons/scripts so that I can control what is going on:

Allow User Abort [Off]
Pause/Resume Script [Indefinitely]
End Loop

But when the database is paused in this way, the audit feature does not work. Bummer! Is there a better locking method that would allow the audit logging functionality to work? Thanks.



Doesn't work if using a lookup field

This technique seems like it has a lot of potential. I have found a huge flaw however. It does not appear to work if your fields are changed because of a lookup. I have a script where you select a contact and it sets a contact ID field. Then based on that field it looks up the address and phone number, the Audit Log does not record that change unfortunately. Bummer! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Keep up the great work.

First capture...

Is there a way to capture the first detail change. If you add this solution to a database and change an already created records field (that is tagged by the auditlog) it show the cell as changing from nothing to something. Is there a routine I can run to populate the auditlog file with all the current field names - so it knows what has changed?