FileMaker 10 News & Info

By Matt Petrowsky

You've heard the rumors and now it's news. It's all about FileMaker 10. Released Monday Jan 5th, it contains one feature in particular, which developers have been asking about for years (quite possibly almost a decade).

Script Triggers!

Can I hear a HOOORAY? It really is finally here, and the implementation is quite good (despite my feelings about functionality being buried down into dialog boxes - it's just the FileMaker way)

When it comes down to a full write up about FileMaker 10, I often find myself taking a bunch of time to explore features and details which are often covered quite well by other sources. Personally, I tend to focus on implementations of unique and specific features - so I'll keep heading in that direction. Expect to see some great FileMaker 10 techniques over the coming year!

If you want the quick list of FileMaker 10 new features, you'll find them on our editable faq.

So, this article is a source you can re-check, which I will update as new information is released.

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Script Triggers

HOOORAY for the new script triggers!

But there will still be a number of occasions, where developers will need to use one of the well-known script trigger plug-ins, we have been accustomed with for years.

1. A script trigger plug-in allow us to call any FileMaker script step (listed in left side of the old Script Manager) inside a calculation - not just calculation functions (listed in right side of Specify Calculation). This is typical done inside Auto-enter field options and in Button definitions.

2. A script trigger plug-in allow us to call a script with a name, specified as a variable.

3. A script trigger plug-in allow us to refer to a script in another file, without opening this file, before the script needs to be performed.

There might be other occasions, which I haven't detected yet. I will like to se comments about this subject from some of the script plug-in vendors.

Number of installations

Although not publicized, Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced lets you install the package in a Mac desktop, portable and Parallel-Windows partition without limiting the number of installations to two (although the license continues declaring a maximum of two installations). This corrects the limit of two installations of FMPA 9 and it is a great advantage for a developer. In the past one had to use only the Mac desktop or the Mac portable if testing in Windows was needed.

Therefore, Hooray for Filemaker.